Korea Energy Technology Group


[July 3, 2023] Korea Energy Technology Corporation and Busan City provided support for the localization of overseas exclusive 'LNG supply system technology.'

The Ministry of Science and ICT has launched the 'Ultra-wide R&D Special Zone Linked Cooperation Technology Commercialization (R&BD) Support Project' as part of the '2023 R&D Special Zone Promotion (R&D) Project'.

The aim of this project is to foster collaborative innovation projects (businesses) among R&D special zones by providing comprehensive support for research and development, prototype production, testing and certification, as well as public relations, marketing, market exploration, and investment attraction to facilitate successful commercialization.

Busan City has proposed a project to promote specialized technology convergence and the development of the ultra-wide new industry through cooperation between R&D special zones. The project has been presented to the Ministry of Science and Technology and is being promoted as a new initiative this year.

The specific focus of the project is the development of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel supply system featuring a rotation type heat exchanger that offers high thermal efficiency and optimal space utilization. The design technology applied in this project ensures product reliability through thermal-fluid and structural analysis, as well as vibration analysis conducted by specialized institutions located in the Busan Special Zone and Jinju Special Zone.

Moreover, Korea Energy Technology Corporation, located in Daedeok Innopolis, specializes in process analysis and convergence information technology (IT). Through joint research and development with Mytech, the corporation aims to achieve the commercialization of products exclusively produced in foreign countries, marking the first of its kind in Korea.

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