KETG is a very technology-intensive private research institute.

KETG proposes appropriate design methods to customers who need to design hydrogen fuel cell power plants, waste heat recovery plants, and various energy conversion plants, and provides the customized engineering services such as process engineering, system engineering, equipment, piping, I&C, and civil engineering.

KETG provides consulting on optimal design, maintenance, and the specialized prognostics health management systems to secure the highest ROI and minimize potential risks of the plant for the energy sector coupling.

KETG also provides the power source for the autonomous mobile robots using hybrid technology of tertiary and secondary batteries. In other words, we provide self-driving mobility solutions with the convergence technology of hydrogen fuel cells and battery systems.

In addition, KETG has some technologies that provide the cryogenic environment by utilizing air, a completely natural refrigerant. This cryogenic solution is very eco-friendly as it incorporates liquid desiccant technology using low GWP materials to remove moisture for the service air.